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“Hygge is about creating magic in the midst of chaos.”

What is Hygge and how can it be implemented in our lives?

Well, first of all we need to understand that Hygge can't be bought (unless you mean our Hygge spiced rum, which most definitely can be bought from Amazon).

Hygge also isn't a lifestyle choice or a trend, it's more of a feeling in the same way happiness can't be purchased but it can be felt. It's important to understand that Hygge is very individual to the beholder, and there is no set way to feel Hygge. Our take on Hygge is this:

"Hygge (pronounced Hue-Guh) is a Danish word used to express a feeling or moment of true happiness. It can be experienced alone or with friends, at home or out, a moment where nothing else matters, and the minutes don’t tick.

The beauty of Hygge is that you don’t need an extraordinary event to feel fulfilled. Often, it’s about finding the pleasure in the simplest of things, lighting a candle at dinner time, watching the kids play at the beach or settling down with a warming glass of Rum after a long hard day. These are the real Hygge moments in life. When you learn to enjoy the little things in life, you really have cracked it. "

What is perceived as Hygge to one person may not be Hygge for another. For example, someone might find Hygge is putting on their walking boot and heading up in to the mountains by themselves. Whereas somebody else might find Hygge over a few drinks surrounded by their friends.

At the core, Hygge is about being happy and improving on your quality of life.

Happiness for most people is one of our basic fundamental desires. Some people spend their entire lives in the pursuit of happiness never to actually attain the feeling. Using Hygge as the vehicle to happiness, simply improves upon the journey, but it's reliant upon ourselves to start this journey.

Hygge can be felt during situational moments that bring pure joy and happiness, such as watching a Christmas movie in front of the fire. However, situations change and the Hygge feeling can simmer away until next time, unless we lean to create Hygge yourself and with people you care about.

Tips for welcoming Hygge into your life

  • Gratitude - Showing gratitude to our life as it is right now. This allows us to see the smallest glimmer of positivity even if we may not see it any at all. Gratitude isn't really about being grateful the materialistic things, but more so of the things we appreciate in our heart. For example showing gratitude to the enjoyment of a home cooked meal you've just eaten, will bring more joy if you take a minute to show appreciation.

  • Help Each Other Out - It's been said many times that giving feels better than receiving. This is also the feeling we get when we help others out and think of other before ourselves. Going out of our way to put the feelings of others first starts to create connections and meaningful relationships which helps us to feeling happier, content and Hygge.

  • Food & Drink - Hygge encourages us to live a little and let go. Enjoy that second slice of cake now and then. Set time aside to share meals with family and friends.

  • Be Present - Being Hygge is very much about enjoying the simple things in life and being present in the moment. Looking positively at things and not being influenced by negativity really can help with our mindset and the feeling of being connected with others. Stop watching the news, set your phone "to do not disturb" at a certain time, turn off notifications from apps.

There's many more ways to welcome Hygge in to your life, and as I've mentioned before, Hygge is very individual.

What works for me may not work for you and visa versa. This year to improve upon my mindset and to really allow my Hygge feelings to grow, I've stated using a gratitude journal. Each day I note down 3 ways that I will make today great and a positive affirmation. At the end of the day I write down how I've made today great, how I'll improve tomorrow and what great things I experienced today.

An example of a journal entry recently about great things I experienced today:

Whilst in the costa drive thru paying for my morning latte, I asked if I could pay for the car behind too. I had no idea what they ordered, or what the value of their order was but I wanted to do an ARK. (Act of Random Kindness). So I paid for their two drinks and continued on my journey. I got back on to the dual carriage way and no more than a minute had passed before I could see the car from the drive through getting closer in my mirror. The car pulled alongside me, the passenger raised the costa cup up and give me a huge smile and thumbs up before speeding ahead of me.

The feeling that I could have made somebody's morning really felt good, and made me feel good all day.


The concept behind Hygge Spiced Rum was to create a drink worthy enough to share the journey of life. A drink that should be enjoyed during our most special moments.....Our Hygge Moments.

Hygge Spiced Rum is a drink for the moment, for the here and now. For the many and for the few, for the social and for the intimate.

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