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Nominate - A - Mate

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Our Hygge Spiced Rum was born from the love of all things spiced rum! When it came to branding, we just knew it must be called Hygge!

Hygge (pronounced Hue-Guh) is a Danish word used to express a feeling or moment of true happiness. It can be experienced alone or with friends, at home or out, a moment where nothing else matters, and the minutes don’t tick.

The only issue is right now we're all stuck in Lockdown #3. We can't be with our friends and family, and generally things are harder than normal for everyone....... this really isn't the Hygge way!

We need a find a way to bring these little Hygge Moments to the doorstep of your loved ones and I think we're on to something.

We're living in very difficult times at the minute and we know that many people are missing spending time with family and friends. Hygge moments are limited, so we'd like to share a little bit of happiness.

Do you know somebody that is going above & beyond to support their community?

Perhaps they're working as a key worker and and you'd like to show recognition.

Or maybe, you simply know someone that needs a little cheering up and to let them know you're thinking of them.

We're giving away 20 individual 50ml bottles of Hygge Rum. For a chance of having one sent to that special person, simply complete the Nominate - A - Mate form on our website.

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