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Updated: Jan 8, 2022

When we spoke to Rum Interest on Instagram about providing us with an honest no strings attached review, we knew that this could either damage our reputation or strengthen it... either way we were about to find out.....

Rum Interest, founded by Marcos, has an online following of 7k+, and has a review portfolio to shake even the post confident rum manufacturers. When it comes to rums is safe to say that that Marcos knows a thing or two about rum from every corner of the globe.

To grab the attention of the Rum Interest, isn't an easy task to begin with. Working only with quality and not the "gimmicky" rums, the Rum Interest really has set a standard to start with.

So we got his attention, what did he think??

Rum Interest @ruminterest

" Hygge (pronounced Hue-Guh) is a Danish word used to express a feeling or moment of true happiness and about finding pleasure from the simplest of things.


Well in the challenging times brought on by Lockdown 2020, the founders found their bit of happiness with the release of Hygge Spiced Rum, a rum that represented for them good memories of past days in Denmark with family and a rum they hope consumers can share and create a Hygge moment of their own.


Now I’ve been sampling a few spiced rums recently simply because I’ve been experimenting a lot more with cocktails and I am a bit fussy about which spiced rums I will try as I don’t like the cheap gimmicky ones trying to make a quick buck, that don’t even qualify as rum. There was something though about Hygge Spiced Rum that intrigued me. I liked the artwork on the bottle and there was nothing about the branding that played on cheap marketing ploys and whilst a spiced rum boasting buttery caramel flavours could spell sugar bomb, the smart presentation made me give this a try.


So what’s in the bottle? Hygge is a spiced rum boasting flavours of botanical spices, natural lime and buttered caramel. The founders went for a Guyanese rum base building on this with natural botanical ingredients and caramel flavouring.


On the nose there is something warming and familiar. At the front you have buttery biscuit with caramel followed by light whiffs of citrus and notes of lime peel. It’s sweet but not overly sweet and although it has caramel flavouring, it doesn’t smell artificial and the lime really adds something.


On the palate, knowing it has caramel flavouring, there was a danger of getting hit with a wall of sweetness, but this wasn’t the case. You get some lovely natural lime notes that coat the palate with pockets of floral notes, vanilla and orange peel. The buttery biscuit and caramel are present throughout but aren’t overpowering and more importantly you can feel the rum. It kind of reminds me of a rummy citrusy Millionaire shortbread slice.


I have to say, Hygge Spiced Rum has hit my sweet tooth in the right spot. It’s warming, easy drinking, maintains a rummy backbone and it’s more-ish! "

If you're a rum enthusiast, we suggest that you give this account a follow @ruminterest

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