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Honey, Rum & Two Electricians!

What happens when you mix two electricians with a common love for everything Scandinavia?

Hygge Spiced Rum - Hygge Rum - Hygge Moments

For those of you that have followed our journey since we created Hygge Rum during Lockdown 2020 you will have been aware that Hygge Rum was my lockdown project from my Electrical & Renewable business.

Over the past two years we've done some greta things with Hygge Rum but we haven't even started to scratch the surface!

Whilst working along side Cory from Oy Electrical, we started to discuss our Lockdown projects and side hustles. For me this was Hygge Rum and for Cory it was the dream of making Honey! But only enough we both have an underlying love of Scandinavia, for me I visit Denmark each year with my family and love it there and for Cory his wife to be is Norwegian so he regularly travels to Norway.

Using Cory's experience with social media and content creating we're going to be look at making some lighthearted Youtube content which explores or love for Scandinavia, that Hygge Feeling and also and especially our Hygge Spiced Rum!

Head over to our YouTube and subscribe to be notified when our first video launches


So Aloha to Cory and welcome to team Hygge. We've now got our goals and hopefully we can bring a little slice of Scandinavia and Hygge Rum to a supermarket near you!

Until then you can still grab a bottle direct on our website using the link below.

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