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Christmas is over & I've lost my bottle!

Now Christmas is over and cheese, chocolate and rum bloat has finally subsided and I now once again start to feel human(ish) but December has been a real lesson.

Through out the year we've had steady organic growth and sales, so in November when we assessed our stock levels we knew we would be be find and it would see us into Q1 of 2022. However out of the blue we have been undated with sales both trade and end users through out December to the point where we have completely sold out!!

This is wonderful for us as its a real key indicator that our rum is well loved by all of you but we hadn't planned on another batch just yet. Over the festival periods we count order any bottles due to closure, and its only now as we're all getting back to work can we place a bottle order but our original supplier cant get them anymore (Brexit / Covid, whoknkows?)

So we've had to source another supplier but fear not, our delicious buttery caramel rum will be back on our website very soon.

Unit then you can place online orders with:


Dexter & Jones

Master of Malt

Distillers Direct

The Rum Company

The amount of messages we received over the festive period from customers who have received a bottle as a present is touching and we're glad to have been sharing Christmas with each and everyone of our customers/

What does 2022 hold for Hygge?

Over the next year we've got some growth plans, mainly to bring you all a new variety of Hygge Rum. We have some sample packs ready to go out to customers as we try to gauge consumer taste preferences to ensure that we create something just as special as our Hygge Spiced Rum.

If you would like to get involved to become a taste tester, simply email us at

We hope to see you all in 2022 and again thank you all for your custom and support over the last year.

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