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Our Story
From Lockdown To Shop Shelves

Hygge Spiced Rum was founded during the lockdown of 2020. As rum lovers my Wife and I had toyed with the idea of creating our very own Spiced Rum for years, and the time afforded to us through the lockdown allowed us (and gave us the kick up the bum) to just DO IT. Life is too short right?


Right off the start we knew what we would call our rum.

Hygge has been a huge part of our lives since we first started visiting Denmark as a family many years ago. Hygge  (pronounced Hue-Guh) is a Danish word used to express a feeling or moment of true happiness. It can be experienced alone or with friends, at home or out, a moment where nothing else matters, and the minutes don’t tick. The beauty of Hygge is that you don’t need an extraordinary event to feel fulfilled. Often it’s about finding the pleasure in the simplest of things, lighting a candle at dinner time, watching the kids play at the beach or settling down with a warming glass of Rum after a long hard day. These are the real Hygge moments in life. When you learn to enjoy the little things in life, you really have cracked it. 


Our mission from the start was to create a drink worthy enough to share the journey of life.  A drink that should be enjoyed during our most special moments.....our Hygge Moments.

We're throwing down the metaphorical gauntlet and we're changing the stereotype and misconception around Rum. No sailors, no pirates and no sea monsters.... just quality rum.

Hygge Rum is a drink for the moment, for the here and now.  For the many and for the few, for the social and for the intimate. Our aim is to build a community of Hygge Rum lovers.

It took months of market research, experimenting and trial and error before we got our shortlist of Rums. We enlisted the help of as many Spiced Rum lovers as we could find (very willing participants) to taste test our final 3 batches along with some well known branded Rums and amazingly our first choice came top in every blind taste test! It was then that we believed that we had created something special.

Join us on our adventure and tag us in your Hygge Moments.


Meet The Team

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Ben | Founder & Owner

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Rookie Skydiver, electrician and founder of Hygge Rum

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